(1) It is hard for the disciple – struggling with glamour and illusion – to realise that the higher initiations are free from all concern and from any emotional or self-centred reactions to the work which lies ahead, or to the form side of manifestation; it is well-nigh impossible for the neophyte to vision a time when he will be free from all reactions engendered by life on the dense cosmic physical planes, and from all the limitations of life in the three worlds. Today, aspiration provides a constant source of anxious questioning, of painful deliberations and of high voltage spiritual ambition, with their consequent limitations, and moments of sensed failure and lack of achievement. The Master has left all this behind, knowing that even this so-called “spiritual responsiveness” is a form of self-centred attitude. Eventually – and disciples should take courage and hope from this statement – all this agonising reaction to the spiritual urge, will be left behind . . .

There are many groups and types of Masters, and most of Them are quite unknown to occult students, either from Their own work or from rumour, or from knowledge of the many evolutionary processes of which the human is only one. Not all the Masters work in the three worlds; not all the Masters need or possess physical bodies; not all the Masters “have Their faces turned towards the realm of dark light, but many face for aeons towards the clear cold light of spiritual existence”; not all the Masters make or are required to make the sacrifices, which work for the fourth kingdom in nature, entails . . . Forget not that there are many Hierarchies, and the Human Hierarchy is but one.

(2) From the esoteric angle, evolution means a steadily increasing sensitivity to light and illumination. A Master may not possess all knowledge possible from the exoteric angle; this He does not need, because (after evolution, along the line of knowledge decided for Him by His ray type), He is on the “way of light”, and the light which is in Him, and in which He lives and moves and functions, serves a dual purpose:

1. It can be used to ascertain whatever is needed in the realm of knowledge by the revelation of where the needed information can be found . . .

2. It can be used also to reveal to the Master that which lies ahead of Him, and those further reaches of awareness to which He knows He must eventually attain.

(3) The Master can build a body through which He can approach His incoming disciples and those who have not taken the higher initiations; He will normally build this body in semblance of the human form, doing so instantaneously, and by an act of the will, when required. The majority of the Masters Who are definitely working with humanity, preserve the old body in which They took the fifth initiation.

(4) It is in the New Group of World Servers that the training of the needed disciples for the Ashrams of the Masters takes place at this time in world history. This is a new hierarchical venture. In this group also accepted disciples learn to work in the same manner as does the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy works within the field of the world of human living; the New Group provides a similar field for the new disciple. It is towards that group also that initiates in the various Ashrams converge at times, in order to study the calibre and quality of the disciples who are engaged in world salvage, for it is through these disciples that the Hierarchy carries out its plans. Initiates do their main work upon mental levels and from behind the scenes, and because of this their potency is great; this is particularly so with those who have taken the third initiation. A certain percentage of them are, however, active out in the world of daily living.

You need ever to remember that at this time the main technique of the Hierarchy is that of conveying inspiration. The Masters are not openly lecturing or teaching in the great cities of the world; They work entirely through Their disciples and initiates. It will, however, be possible for Them to appear increasingly among men, and evoke recognition, as the influence of Aquarius is more firmly established. The Masters, in the meantime, must continue to work “within the silence of the universal Ashram”, as it has been called, and from there They inspire Their workers, and these latter in their time and way, inspire the New Group of World Servers.

(5) The Masters are also subject to limitation. The general idea of all aspirants is that They represent Those Who have achieved freedom, have been liberated, and are therefore held by no limiting circumstances whatsoever. This is not true, though – speaking relatively, or so far as humanity is concerned – it is a fact that the limitations by which They were held as human beings, are no longer present. But one achieved freedom only opens the door to another and wider freedom ahead, and the ring-pass-not of our planetary Life itself constitutes a powerful limitation. Speaking symbolically, somewhere in that great dividing wall of our planetary circumference, the Master must find an exit, and discover a door which will permit him to enter the Way of the Higher Evolution in its more cosmic stages.

(6) A Master has no personality at all. His divine nature is all that He has. The form through which He works (if He is working through, and living in a physical vehicle), is a created image, the product of a focussed will and the creative imagination; it is not the product of desire, as in the case of a human being. This is an important distinction, and one which warrants careful thinking.

(7) Many Masters and Chohans, after serving upon the planet in various capacities, working with the Law of Evolution, pass out of our planetary life altogether.

(8) A Master can at any time find out anything on any possible subject without the slightest difficulty.

(9) Every expenditure of force on the part of a Master or Teacher is subjected to wise foresight and discrimination. Just as we do not put university professors to teach beginners, so the Masters Themselves work not individually with men until they have attained a certain stage of evolution, and are ready to profit by their instruction.

(10) Who our Teacher is depends on our grading. Similarity of vibration holds the secret. We are frequently told that when the demand is forceful enough, the Teacher will appear. When we build in the right vibrations and attune ourselves to the right key, nothing can prevent our finding the Master.

(11) Six of the Masters, as yet quite unknown to the average occult student by name, have already sought physical incarnation – one in India, another in England, two in Northern America, and one in central Europe, whilst another has made a great sacrifice, and taken a Russian body in the desire to act as a peace centre in that distracted land.

(12) One lesson all aspirants need to learn and to learn early, and that is, that concentration upon the personality of the Teacher, hoping for personal contact with Him, and constant visioning of that condition called “accepted chelaship” serves to postpone that contact and delay the acceptance.

(13) In all great movements you have some thought, or aggregation of thoughts cast into the minds of the so-called idealists by the Great White Brotherhood.

(14) It should be realised that though good character, high ethics, sound morality and spiritual aspiration are basic and unalterable requirements, yet more is needed if the right to enter the Master’s Ashram is to be granted.

To be admitted to the privilege of being an outpost of His consciousness requires an unselfishness and a self-surrender for which few are prepared; to be drawn within His aura so that the disciple’s aura forms an integral part of the group aura, presupposes a purity which few can cultivate; to have the ear of the Master and to earn the right of contact with Him at will, necessitates a sensitiveness and a fine discrimination which few would care to purchase at the price. Yet a door stands wide open to all who care to come, and no earnest, sincere soul, who meets the requirements, ever receives a rebuff.

There is no question at this time that those who are in any way advanced in evolution are having that evolution hastened as never before in the history of the world. The crisis is so grave and the need of the world so great, that those who can contact the inner side of life, who can even in a small way sense the vibrations of the senior disciples and the Elder Brothers of the race, and who can bring down the ideals, as known on the higher planes, are being very carefully, forcefully, yet strenuously trained. It is necessary that they should be enabled to act accurately as transmitters and interpreters.

(15) Platitudinously, the aspirant is told that “when the pupil is ready, the Master will appear”. He then settles comfortably back and waits, or focusses his attention upon an attempt to attract the attention of some Master, having apparently settled in his mind that he is ready, or good enough. He naturally gives himself a spiritual prod at intervals, and attends spasmodically to the work of discipline and of purification. But steady and prolonged, undeviating effort on the part of aspirants, is rare indeed.

It is indeed true that at the right moment the Master will appear, but the right moment is contingent upon certain self-induced conditions. When the process of purification has become a life-long habit, when the aspirant can at will concentrate his consciousness in the head, when the light in the head shines forth, and the centres are active, then the Master will take the man in hand. In the meantime he may have a vision of the Master, or he may see a thought-form of the Master, and may get much real good and inspiration from the contact with the reflected reality, but it is not the Master, and does not indicate the stage of accepted discipleship. Through the medium of the light of the soul, the soul can be known. Therefore seek the light of your own soul, and know that soul as your director. When soul contact is established, your own soul will, if I may so express it, introduce you to your Master. With all due reverence, again may I add, that the Master waits not with eagerness to make your acquaintance. In the world of souls, your soul and His soul are allied, and know essential unity. But in the world of human affairs and in the process of the great work, it should be remembered that when a Master takes an aspirant into His group of disciples, that aspirant is, for a long time, a liability, and oft a hindrance. Students over-estimate themselves quite often, even when repudiating such an idea; subjectively they have a real liking for themselves, and are frequently puzzled as to why the Great Ones give them no sign, nor indicate Their watching care. They will not and They need not until such time as the aspirant has used to the full the knowledge which he has gained from lesser teachers, and from books and printed scriptures of the world. Students must attend to the immediate duty, and prepare their mechanisms for service in the world, and should desist from wasting time and looking for a Master; they should achieve mastery where now they are defeated, and in the life of service and of struggle, they may then reach the point of such complete self-forgetfulness that the Master may find no hindrance in His approach to them.

(16) A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has undergone the fifth initiation. That really means that His consciousness has undergone such an expansion, that it now includes the fifth or spiritual kingdom. He has worked His way through the four lower kingdoms: the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human – and has, through meditation and service, expanded his centre of consciousness till it now includes the plane of the spirit.

(17) The Masters are entirely free from disease, because they have entirely overcome the karma of the three worlds, and are liberated.

(18) As regards the Hierarchy itself, speaking esoterically and technically, its Members (many of Them) are “being abstracted from the middle point of holiness, and absorbed into the Council of the Lord”. In other words, they are passing onward into higher work, and are becoming custodians of the energy of the divine will, and not simply the custodians of the energy of love. They will work henceforth as power-units, and not just as units of light. Their work becomes dynamic, instead of being attractive and magnetic, and is concerned with the life aspect, and not just with the soul or consciousness aspect. Their places are being taken – under the Law of Ascension – by Their senior disciples, the initiates in Their Ashrams, and (under the same great process) the place of these initiates, who are thus being “raised” to more important work, is being taken by disciples and probationers.

(19) The Master’s influence, as He seeks to aid His disciple, always produces transitory turmoil – transitory from the angle of the soul, but frequently appalling from the angle of the personality . . . This the aspirant and the inexperienced disciple resent, and blame the evoking sources for their discomfort, instead of learning the needed lesson of receiving and handling force.

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