The third quality which must be utterly rooted out and destroyed, is that of all reaction towards recognition, whether that recognition is accorded by the world of men, by other disciples, or by the Master. The ability to work without any token of recognition, to see others claim the reward of action taken, and even to be unaware that the results of the good initiated by the individual disciple or his group are claimed by others, are the hallmarks of the hierarchical worker. The Masters get no recognition for the work done by Their disciples, though They initiated the original impulse, and have given both guidance and direction; the disciple carries out the Plan; he shoulders the responsibility; he pays the price, either good or bad, or the karmic results of instituted activity, and he is the one who gains the recognition of the crowd. But – until the disciple seeks no recognition, [Page 334] until he fails to think in terms of results, and is unaware of the reaction of the world to his work as an individual disciple – he has as yet far to go in order to gain the higher initiations.

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