Serenity and peace are not identical. Peace must ever be temporary, and refers to the world of feeling, and to conditions susceptible of disturbance. It is essential to progress, and an inevitable happening that every step forward is marked by disturbances, by points of crisis and chaos, replaced later (when successfully handled) by periods of peace. But this peace is not serenity, and a chela is only permitted to dwell within the Master’s aura when serenity has been substituted for peace. Serenity signifies that deep calm, devoid of emotional disturbance, which distinguishes the disciple who is focussed in a “mind held steady in the light”. The surface of his life may be (from the worldly angle) in a state of violent flux. All that he cherishes and holds dear in the three worlds may be crashing around him. But in spite of all, he stands firm, poised in soul consciousness and the depths of his life remain undisturbed. This is not insensitivity or a forced auto-suggestion, neither is it a capacity to exteriorise the consciousness in such a manner that individual events and happenings are ignored. It is intensity of feeling transmuted into focussed understanding. When this has been attained, the chela has the right to live within the aura of the Master. There is nothing now in him which will require the Master to sidetrack His attention from vital efforts to the unimportant task of helping the disciple.

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