The New Group of World Servers

(1) We have spoken often of the integrating group of knowers who are beginning to function upon the earth, gathered together in loose formation, and held by the inner spiritual tie and not by any outer organisation. The planetary Hierarchy has always existed and from time immemorial, and right down the ages, those sons of men who have fitted themselves for work, and who have measured up to the requirements, have found their way into the ranks of those who stand behind the world evolution and guide the destinies of the little ones. . . .

Today, in the world, another great moment of crisis has arrived. I refer not to the present world condition, but to the state of the human consciousness. Mind has arrived as a functioning power, personalities are co-ordinated. The three aspects of man are being blended; another formation or precipitation from the Hierarchy of adepts has become possible. On the physical plane, without any exoteric organisation, ceremonials, or outer form, there is integrating – silently, steadily and powerfully – a group of men and women who will supersede eventually the previous hierarchical effort. They will supersede all churches, all groups, and all organisations and will eventually constitute that oligarchy of elect souls who will govern and guide the world.

They are being gathered out of every nation, but are gathered and chosen, not by the watching Hierarchy or by any Master, but by the power of their response to the spiritual opportunity, tide and note. They are emerging out of every group and church and party, and will therefore be truly representative. This they do, not from the pull of their own ambition and prideful schemes, but through the very selflessness of their service. They are finding their way to the top in every department of human knowledge, not because of the clamour they make about their own ideas, discoveries and theories, but because they are so inclusive in their outlook, and so wide in their interpretation of the truth that they see the hand of God in all happenings, His imprint upon all forms, and His note sounding forth through every channel of communication between the subjective reality and the objective outer form. They are of all races; they speak all languages; they embrace all religions, all sciences and all philosophies. Their characteristics are synthesis, inclusiveness, intellectuality and fine mental development. They own to no creed, save the creed of Brotherhood, based on the one Life. They recognise no authority, save that of their own souls, and no Master save the group they seek to serve, and humanity whom they deeply love. They have no barriers set up around themselves, but are governed by a wide tolerance, and a sane mentality and sense of proportion. They look with open eyes upon the world of men and recognise those whom they can lift and to whom they can stand as the Great Ones stand, – lifting, teaching and helping. They recognise their peers and equals, and know each other when they meet, and stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow workers in the work of salvaging humanity. It does not matter if their terminologies differ, their interpretations of symbols and scriptures vary, or their words are few or many. They see their group members in all fields – political, scientific, religious, and economic – and give to them the sign of recognition and the hand of a brother. They recognise likewise Those who have passed ahead of them upon the ladder of evolution, and hail Them Teacher, and seek to learn from Them that which They are so eager to impart.

(2) It was felt wise to gather out of the many groups, a group which should contain (as does the Hierarchy itself) men of all races, of all types and tendencies. This group has a specific mission, and some of the facts about it might be stated as follows:

It is first of all an attempt at an externalisation of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane, or a small working replica of this essentially subjective body. Its members are all in physical bodies but must work entirely subjectively, thus utilising the inner sensitive apparatus and the intuition. It is to be composed of men and women of all nations and ages, but each one must be spiritually oriented, all must be conscious servers, all must be mentally polarised and alert, and all must be inclusive.

One of the essential conditions imposed upon the personnel of this group is that they must be willing to work without recognition, on the subjective levels. They must work behind the scenes as do the Great Ones. Its members therefore must be free from all taint of ambition, and of all pride of race and of accomplishment. They must be also sensitively aware of their fellowmen and of their thoughts and conditioning environment.

It is a group that has no exoteric organisation of any kind, no headquarters, no publicity, no group name. It is a band of obedient workers and servers of the WORD – obedient to their own souls and to group need. All true servers everywhere therefore belong to this group, whether their line of service is cultural, political, scientific, religious, philosophical, psychological or financial. They constitute part of the inner group of workers for humanity, and of the world mystics, whether they know it or not. They will thus be recognised by their fellow group members when contacted in the casual ways of world intercourse.

This group gives the word “spiritual” a wide significance; they believe it to mean an inclusive endeavour towards human betterment, uplift and understanding; they give it the connotation of tolerance, international synthetic communion, religious inclusiveness, and all trends of thought which concern the esoteric development of the human being.

It is a group, therefore, without a terminology or Bible of any kind; it has no creed nor any dogmatic formulations of truth. The motivating impulse of each and all is love of God as it works out in love for one’s fellow man. They know the true meaning of brotherhood, without distinction of race. Their lives are lives of willing service, rendered with utter selflessness and without any reservations.

The personnel of this group is known only to the Elder Brothers of the race, and no register of names is kept, and there are only three main requirements:

1. A certain amount of at-one-ment between the soul and its mechanism is essential, and that inner triplicity, usually dormant in the majority, of soul – mind – brain, must be in alignment and active.

2. The brain has to be telepathically sensitive in two directions and at will. It must be aware of the world of souls and also of the world of men.

3. There must also exist a capacity for abstract or synthetic thought. This will enable a man to leap over racial and religious barriers. When this is present also, there is an assured belief in the continuity of life and its correlation to the life after death.

(3) The growth of the group and of its ideas will be slow and sure. The group exists already. It has not to be formed or organised, and there is therefore for none of you the assuming of any sense of responsibility nor the organising of any activity designed to lure these disciples, who have chosen thus to work subjectively, into publicity. Such are not the methods approved by the Elder Brothers of the race, nor is it the way that They Themselves work.

Know each of you for yourselves whether you stand for the new position, the new attitude towards work, and for the subjective method. Decide once and for all whether you prefer to work in the old exoteric ambitious manner, building and vitalising an organisation, and so producing all the mechanism which goes with such a method of work. Remember that such groups are still greatly needed and are useful. It is not yet the new age, and the little ones must not be left exposed to the new forces, nor turned out bereft of the nursery to which they naturally belong.

Should the new mode of work appeal to you, see to it that the personality is subordinated, that the life of meditation is kept paramount in importance, that sensitivity to the subjective realms is cultivated, and any necessary outer activities are handled from within outwards. Avoid a purely mystical introspection or its opposite extreme, an over-emphasised organising spirit, remembering that a life of truly occult meditation must inevitably produce outer happenings, but that these objective results are produced by an inner growth and not by an outer activity.

(4) Little groups will spring up here and there, whose members respond to the new note and whose growth into the world group will be watched over by one or more working disciples. But these latter do not organise the groups; they grow as a man in this place and another in that place awakens to the new vision, or comes into incarnation in order to take his place in the work and bring in the new era. These groups will demonstrate no sense of separateness; they will be unaware of personal or of group ambition; they will recognise their unity with all that exists, and will stand before the world as examples of pure living, constructive building, creative activity subordinated to the general purpose, beauty and inclusiveness. Perhaps in the early stages of integration, the words friendliness and co-operativeness best describe them. They are not interested in dogmas or doctrines, and have no shibboleths. Their outstanding characteristic will be an individual and group freedom from a critical spirit. This non-criticism will not grow out of an inability to see error, or failure to measure up to an idea; falsity, impurity and weakness will be recognised for what they are, but when noted will only serve to evoke a loving helpfulness.

(5) You ask me: What keeps a man from becoming a member of such a group? I tell you with emphasis that four things only keep a man from affiliation.

First: An unco-ordinated personality. This involves necessarily an untrained mind and a feeble intellect.

Second: A sense of separateness, of distinction, and of being set apart or different from one’s fellow men.

Third: The possession of a creed. No matter how good a formula of beliefs it may be, it inevitably produces exclusiveness. It bars some out.

Fourth: Pride and ambition.

You ask again: How shall one qualify? The rules are simple, and are three in number. First learn to practice harmlessness; then desire nothing for the separated self, and thirdly, look for the sign of divinity in all. Three simple rules, but very hard to accomplish.

Behind this group of mystics, which includes thinkers in every department of human thought (let me reiterate the word thinkers) and of human knowledge, stands the Hierarchy of Masters, and in between these two groups stand also a band of teachers, of whom I am one. These act as intermediaries and as transmitters of energy. May I repeat, and beg you to attend, that this group which is slowly forming is gathered out of every imaginable group of thinking and intelligent men. As yet, and this may surprise a few, there are not very many occultists (so-called) among them. This is due to the fact that the occultists are numerically few in relation to the masses of humanity, and also to their tendency to be sectarian, exclusive and self-righteous. Selfless humanitarian workers are there; political leaders and economists and scientific workers in the world’s laboratories are also there; churchmen and religious adherents from all the world religions are there, and the practical mystics and a few occultists. The true occultist is rare.

The group is and will be kept entirely subjective. Its members are linked telepathically, or they recognise each other through the quality of the work they are doing in the outer world and the inclusiveness of the note they sound. It is inspired from above by the souls of its members and the Great Ones, and is energised into activity by the need of humanity itself. It is composed of living, conscious souls, working through co-ordinated personalities. Its symbol is a golden triangle, enclosing an even-armed cross with one diamond at the apex of the triangle. This symbol is never reproduced in form at all. It shines above the heads of all who are in the group, and cannot be seen by anyone (not even a clairvoyant) except a group member, and then only if – for purposes of the work – his recognition needs stimulation. The motto of the group is The Glory Of The One.

(6) Now a new attempt is being made to free the “prisoners of the planet”. The Hierarchy, through the Group of World Servers now in process of formation, is seeking to externalise itself, and to restore the mysteries to humanity to whom they truly belong. If the attempt is to succeed, it is basically necessary that all of you who have sensed the vision, or seen a part of the intended plan, should re-dedicate yourselves to the service of humanity, should pledge yourselves to the work of aiding to the utmost of your ability (ponder those words and search out their significance) all world servers, and should sacrifice your time, and give of your money, to further the endeavour of the Great Ones. Rest not, above all, from your meditation work; keep the inner link; think truth at all times. The need and the opportunity are great and all possible helpers are being called to the forefront of the battle. All can be used in some way, if the true nature [Page 287] of sacrifice is grasped, if skill in action is developed, and if work without attachment is the effort of each and all of you.

(7) One of the characteristics distinguishing the groups of world servers and knowers, is that the outer organisation, which will hold them integrated, will be so nebulous and fine that, to the outer observation, it will be practically non-existent. The group will be held together by an inner structure of thought, and a close telepathic interrelation. The Great Ones, Whom we all seek to serve, are thus linked, and can at the slightest need, and with the least expenditure of force, get into rapport with each other. They are all attuned to a particular vibration, and so must these groups be attuned.

(8) In 1942, there will come another planetary inflow of which we are all begged to avail ourselves, and for which we are urged to make due preparation. This “week of group impact”, occurring every seven years, will run from December 21st till December 28th, and if this should at any time fall at the period of the full moon, the opportunity will be most significant. This possibility must be watched. This week should be regarded as pre-eminently the “festival week” of the New Group of World Servers, and after 1942 advantage must be taken of this period, and special preparation made. This fact invites the attention of all of us.

(9) This great and spiritual grouping of servers is, on the physical plane, only very loosely linked. On the astral plane the linking is stronger, and is based upon love of humanity; on the mental plane the major linking takes place, from the angle of the three worlds as a whole. It will be apparent, therefore, that certain developments must have taken place in the individual, before he can consciously become a functioning member of the New Group of World Servers.

(10) Behind this . . . panorama of humanity, stand Those Whose privilege and right it is to watch over human evolution, and to guide the destinies of men. This They carry forward, not through an enforced control, which infringes upon the free will of the human spirit, but through the implanting of ideas in the minds of the world thinkers, and the evocation of the human consciousness, so that these ideas receive due recognition, and become in time the controlling factors in human life. They train the members of the New Group of World Servers in the task of changing ideas into ideals. These become in time the desired objectives of the thinkers, and are by them taught to the great middle class, and thus worked up into world forms of government and religion, forming the basis of the new social order, into which the masses are patiently incorporated.

It should be remembered at this point, that the men and women of goodwill belong to all the groups outlined above, and that herein lies their strength, and herein lies their usefulness to the New Group of World Servers.

The strength of the New Group of World Servers lies in three factors:

1. They occupy a midway position between the masses of men, and the inner subjective world government.

2. They draw their membership (if such an inadequate word can be used) from all classes, – the aristocracy, the intelligentsia, the bourgeoisie, higher and lower, and the upper layer of the proletariat. They are therefore truly representative.

3. They are closely interrelated, and in constant contact and rapport with each other, through unity of objective, definiteness of method, and uniformity in technique and goodwill.

(11) Members of the New Group of World Servers stand for the following ideals:

1. They believe in an inner world government and in an emerging evolutionary plan. They can see its signs down the ages. That they may express the significance of this inner world government, and of the planetary Hierarchy in varying terms, is inevitable. That they may regard it from the peculiar angle of their own tradition and schooling, is also inevitable but unimportant. That which is of importance, is that they are in touch with the centre of energy which is attempting to guide human affairs; they know something of the detail of the immediate plan, and to the furtherance of this they are bending all their energies.

2. They are steadily cultivating an international spirit of goodwill, and to this they consecrate every effort. They avoid all points of dissension, regarding them as incidental to the point in evolution which the race has reached, and they are convinced of the inevitable change for the better which is on its way. They emphasise the point of common endeavour, and seek to interpret to the public the trend of the present world efforts, as these begin the work of swinging the world on to new paths, and producing in the minds of the people new and better ideals.

3. They seek to teach also the fact that the many national, religious and social experiments, are only modes of expansion, ways of growth, and needed lessons. They seek to point out that the effects of these will be twofold. First, they will demonstrate the usefulness of those lines of thought and consequent methods, which will eventually bring about the release of mankind from its present limitations and distress. These experiments are not lost effort. They have a definite place and purpose. Second, they will demonstrate the recognition of those methods and techniques in government and religion, which are undesirable, because they spread the virus of hatred, breed class and racial distinctions, and are consequently detrimental to world understanding, international goodwill and spiritual amity.

(12) Let the New Group of World Servers realise its mission, and recognise the demands of humanity upon it. What are these demands? Let me enumerate them, and then let me ask you to take them in all simplicity and act upon them:

1. To receive and transmit illumination from the kingdom of souls.

2. To receive inspiration from the Hierarchy and go forth, consequently, to inspire.

3. To hold the vision of the Plan before the eyes of men, for “where there is no vision, the people perish”.

4. To act as an intermediate group between the Hierarchy and humanity, receiving light and power and then using both of these, under the inspiration of love, to build the new world of tomorrow.

5. To toil in Pisces, illumined by Taurus, and responsive in degree to the Aquarian impulse, coming from the Hierarchy.

These objectives are not only individual objectives, but the goal of the entire group. All who respond to the life-giving force of Aquarius, and to the light-giving force of Taurus, can and will work in the New Group of World Servers, even though they have no occult knowledge, and have never heard of their co-workers under that name. Forget this not.

(13) The slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers is indicative of the crisis. They are overseeing or ushering in the New Age and are present at the birth pangs of the new civilisation, and the coming into manifestation of a new race, a new culture, and a new world outlook. The work is necessarily slow and those of you who are immersed in the problems and pains find it hard to view the future with assurance or to interpret the present with clarity.

(14) Wherever two or three are gathered together in the name of the Master of the Hierarchy, energy will flow; wherever goodwill is a goal and evokes effort in no matter what form, the energy of the will-to-good will make itself felt, and the New Group of World Servers is a far larger group than just the few known to you. Today its numbers are several million.

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