The Probationary Path

(1) The Probationary Path precedes the Path of Initiation or Holiness, and marks that period in the life of a man when he definitely sets himself on the side of the forces of evolution, and works at the building of his own character. He takes himself in hand, cultivates the qualities that are lacking in his disposition, and seeks with diligence to bring his personality under control. He is building the causal body with deliberate intent, filling any gaps that may exist, and seeking to make it a fit receptacle for the Christ principle.

(2) The immortal destiny of each and all of us is to attain the consciousness of the higher self, and subsequently that of the Divine Spirit. . . . Whilst the man is on the Probationary Path he is taught principally to know himself, to ascertain his weaknesses and to correct them.

(3) Every time a son of man stands upon the Probationary Path Their (the Masters’) work is facilitated, for it means that one small stream of life-energy is directed into new channels, and away from the old stream which tend to vitalise and feed the evil form, and one more conscious assailant can be trained to co-operate in the work of destruction. Every time an initiate is admitted to the Lodge degrees, it means that a new and powerful agent is available for the bringing down of force from higher levels to aid in the work of integration.

(4) A great deal of training is given to a probationer without his really recognising it consciously. Fault tendencies are indicated to him as he seeks with sincerity to train himself for service, and the analysis of motive when truthfully undertaken, serves amazingly to lift the would-be disciple out of the astral or emotional world, into that of the mind. It is in the mental world that the Masters are first contacted, and there They must be sought.

. . . All this time the aspirant remains in ignorance of what has happened and is unaware of his subjective contacts. He, however, recognises in himself three things:

Increased mental activity. This at first will give him much trouble, and he will feel as if he were losing in mind control instead of gaining it, but this is only a temporary condition and gradually he will assume command.

Increased responsiveness to ideas and increased capacity to vision the plan of the Hierarchy. This will make him, in the early stages, fanatical to a degree. He will be continually swept off his feet with new ideals, new isms, new modes of living, new dreams for race betterment. He will take up one cult after another as they seem to make possible the coming millennium. But after a time he regains his poise, and purpose assumes control of his life. He works at his own job, and carries forward his contribution to the activity of the whole, to the best of his ability.

Increased psychic sensitiveness. This is both an indication of growth and at the same time a test. He is apt to be taken in by the allurements of the psychic powers; he will be tempted to side-track his efforts from specialised service to the race into the exploitation of the psychic powers, and their use for self-assertion. The aspirant has to grow in all parts of his nature, but until he can function as the soul, the psyche, consciously and with the use of co-operative intelligence, the lower powers must be quiescent.

(5) The path is, therefore, a path on which steady expansion of consciousness is undergone with increasing sensitivity to the higher vibrations. This works out at first as sensitiveness to the inner voice and this is one of the most necessary faculties in a disciple. The Great Ones are looking for those who can rapidly obey the inner voice of their soul. The times are critical and all aspirants are urged also to render themselves sensitive to the voice of their Master as well. His time is fully occupied and disciples must train themselves to be sensitive to His impression. A slight hint, a pointed finger, a hurried suggestion, may be all that He has time to give, and each disciple must be upon the watch. The pressure upon Them is great now that They are moving closer to the physical plane. More souls are conscious of Them than when They worked on mental levels only, and They also, working on denser planes, are finding conditions more difficult. The devas and disciples, aspirants and those upon the probationary path, are being gathered around Them now and are being organised into groups with special work assigned.

(6) Time and again, along the Road, he will revolt from control and will fall back into the glamour of his supposed freedom. There is freedom from the control of the personality. There is freedom from the control of personalities. But there is never any freedom from the Law of Service, and from the constant interplay between man and man, and soul and soul. To stand really free is to stand in the clear unimpeded light of the soul, which is basically and intrinsically group consciousness.

Therefore, when one of you is beset by uncertainty and unrest, desiring and demanding to walk free, and that no authority be imposed upon you, see that you are not submitting to the glamour of desire to be freed from your group impacts, and make sure that you are not seeking – as a sensitive soul – a way of escape.

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