Beyond Fight or Flight

When two or more people are gathered together, there is that possibility that someone may “piss you off.” When that combination of anger, hurt and maybe confusion begins to well up in your belly, I recommend letting that feeling trigger your heart center.

From the heart center say “transmute this feeling into Love.” Internally repeat this until your head center kicks in.

From the head center you may begin to determine if this provocation is deliberate or some kind of misunderstanding or crossed communications.

If you are not fearful, rather than going into immediate “Fight or Flight” mode, you may adopt a defensive posture, invoke Love and decide if it is necessary to deflect a continued attack.

If there is no real threat, the feeling in your belly will go away and calm will return with new enlightening experience.

This is a spiritual art which evolves from the power of Love and empowers its’ user more with every use.

Be mindful of this when evaluating the players on the world stage.

I read recently, “A warrior never chases his enemy.”

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