Love and the Opportunity of Relationships

I am trying to keep my input to a minimum but every now and then something keeps nudging me.

How do we know what’s true and what’s false, what we should take and what we should leave. It seems that this physical experience resonates between two poles and we have the choice of positioning ourselves at any point between the the two. Our experience is set up by way of our senses. Using our senses we establish preferences based on our relationship with that which seems to be outside of ourselves.

Using the basic physical senses we have the illusion of separation which provides the opportunity for a unique experience of existence from our unique points of view. My personal “opinion” is that each of our unique points of view is an input into the consciousness of our Creator.

To maintain some sense of balance and “wholeness” there must be some unifying factor. This factor or “Fact” of existence is Love. We only begin to harmonize physically when we activate our spiritual sense to experience this Love.

The greatest opportunities of existence is when we are presented with contrasting relationships where we seem to be at opposite poles in our preferences. The trick is to understand that the other has the right to exist at their unique point of preference as long as they choose, as long as they do not try to force their preference on you. Your opportunity is to yield to their right and identify the adjustment that can be made in yourself to create harmony. This adjustment is an act of Love and reconfigures your being accordingly. The cumulative effect of these relationship adjustments is a corresponding change in your spiritual nature.

The biggest mistake is believing you are intended to change someone else. The benefit is when you change. I believe many relationships are set-up just to effect that change, thereby changing the spiritual nature, vibration, resonance of the “Whole.”

To keep this as short as possible, I believe our purpose is always to generate a resonance of Love when we are choosing a point on which to ground ourselves.

Sometimes it may require putting some distance between parties involved but the relationship and Love still exist.

Ronald Gabby Patterson

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