Love Is The Only Safe Haven

Love is the only safe haven

So much information is flowing that I know it can be overwhelming at times. Some of this information are probably intentional mis-information projects. Sometimes all you can do is see what is being presented and use discernment to decide what you will accept and what you will leave.

The first 3 post on this blog were written by me directly to establish a baseline for my thoughts. After taking in so much, I feel a need to re-visit where I stand.

It appears that humanity has been (to borrow a phrase) hood-winked for a very long time. Depending on how far into the past you wish to explore, we can find massive evidence of operations of deception, intended to dominate and control humanity. Now that we have entered a critical period of major change, we need to consider what measures we should take to achieve our highest good and greatest good of all.

It has been suggested that forces of light from this and other galaxies, as well as Heaven itself, are arrayed to help free humanity from our bondage and hopefully deliver us to safety. I would suggest that we should make as much effort to save ourselves as possible and not sit back and wait to be delivered.

The dark forces that have taken control of this planet have purposely cut themselves off from Divine Light and Love. This has left them in need of a source of energy to sustain there existence. For that purpose they have set up systems to generate low-vibrational energy such as that created by negative emotions of fear, hate, greed, jealousy, etc. that they are able to consistently stimulate in humanity to maintain a steady source of nourishment. Like vampires they feed at will.

To maintain this system they must keep as many of us as possible, cycling through there system, constantly weighed down by what ever negativity they can burden us with. Without us they cannot survive, they are parasites who if not stopped will eventually kill their host.

The key to their termination is the fact that they cannot tolerate higher quality vibrations and must keep us distracted from any efforts to raise our vibrations to higher levels. They must keep us believing that we are lowly and worthless, instead of realizing who we really are.

One Teacher demonstrated what we are, and that we could do the same as he did. As a kid I learned that God is Love. That teacher also said “I and my Father are One.” Could this mean that we are in fact “Love?” If we could consciously realize this truth, that at the core of our Being is Love, and through the Law of Attraction (as a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be) we would attract enough Higher Frequency Love from its’ “Source” that the dark forces could not handle it.

Once we begin to resonate at a higher frequency by our own efforts and ground ourselves to Mother Earth, the environment both physical and non-physical will be too powerful for the dark ones. This does not require a lot of time.

From experience I am aware that when you make a move to raise your vibrations you become a target of the dark ones and it wasn’t to be taken lightly but now my assessment is that “Love is the only safe Haven”. When you realize who you are, you automatically initiate the construction of a matrix of protection in the physical and non-physical worlds around you. Whether you are rich or poor, everyone has the same capability and opportunity.

We do not need a lot of fancy, complicated processes to save ourselves, I also recommend applying deep breathing techniques until they become second nature, now is the time.

I am Love, grounded in Mother Earth.


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