Getting this Information Out

If you can see some value in helping to expose this information to others, I have provided links to tools which will make it easier. The links are affiliate links to the different services and are managed through a co-operative rotator system.

If you send me the affiliate link that you are provided with when you subscribe to each service I will enter your link in the appropriate rotator. Your links will be accessible to the visitors of this blog.

This system is intended to potentially provide a way to offset the cost of exposing this information to others worldwide.

List of Services:

First I set up an Aweber autoresponder which delivers a message every seven days. You can copy my messages when you set up your follow up messages. Tutorials are available at Aweber.

Next I setup a Leadskimmer account which feeds optins to the Aweber system. Leadskimmer has instructions how to accomplish the setup.

The next service I use is an Interstitial Advertising  platform ( which sends traffic to the Leadskimmer system. You can access the advertising by clicking the advertising link at the bottom of the page. I use the worldwide distribution that delivers 1000 impressions for $1.00.

People that enter this system can potentially earn money while delivering a much needed value.

Send your affiliate links to this email:


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