Service Of the Plan – 1 – Introduction

Service of the Plan

Study One: Introduction to the Study

In the future, the true method [of training disciples] will be to develop…the sense of synthesis and of “place” in the One World and thus decentralise him. The theme of direction underlies the system of instruction.

Discipleship in the New Age Vol. II, p. 302

Today, slowly, the esoteric groups are awakening to the realisation that their major service to humanity is to crystallise the immaterial, to render vocal and evocative the silent invocative recognitions of the masses of men and to stand, therefore, as a militant group between the attentive hierarchy and expectant, suffering humanity.

The Tibetan’s Letter to the Arcane School, September 1947

The Arcane School was established (in 1920) to aid the Hierarchy in its world work. It is hierarchical plan and purpose which claim our attention and our allegiance; we have accepted a conscious responsibility in the spiritual drive of Hierarchy at this time.

It is therefore essential that we provide a training programme to help “determined aspirants” become conscious disciples; we should also include studies which help each one to discover his own right field of service in relation to hierarchical work in the world. The Hierarchy functions through three major aspects or “departments”, each one of which is reflected into its counterpart in human affairs. These three are the Department of Government, the Department of Religion and the Department of Education. Each Department also contains various aspects, and these too find a correspondence in human affairs.

 Since all disciples are in training for world service in terms of the Plan of Hierarchy, it is necessary that as we begin to expand our consciousness, to contact and to respond to the soul which relates us to the hierarchical centre, we should also begin to establish a mental link and response to that hierarchical field of work in which we are destined, through ashramic affiliation, to serve. Therefore we have prepared seven sets of papers relating to the three Departments of Hierarchical work, setting out the laws and principles, the energies and forces, and the main points of emphasis within each Department, so far as these can be ascertained from the teachings we have. These should be linked in with a study of existing trends and possibilities which would require knowledge of contemporary conditions and an evaluation of current events. Newspapers, periodicals and specialised journals provide this type of news and information. Out of it, the student should be able to train himself for a better application of spiritual law and principle and ashramic intention to the field of his chosen, or recognised, discipleship responsibility to the ashram.

Bearing in mind that the Hierarchical Department of Education under the Lord of Civilisation is concerned with the evolutionary progress of civilisation through science, philosophy, psychology, culture and the arts, as well as through formal education itself, we have prepared studies as follows:

1.      The Hierarchical Department of Government.

One set of papers is geared into the three main aspects of this Department:

(a)  Politics – Statesmanship.

(b)  Law – Legislation.

(c)  Economics – Finance.


Through right orientation and occult meditation our esoteric work should help to vitalise the subjective underlying factors originating with the inner government.

2.      The Hierarchical Department of Religion.

Again, one three-part set of papers is prepared:

(a)  The new world religion, and the universality of life.

(b)  The process of initiation into the life of God.

(c)  The science of invocation-evocation.


3.      The Hierarchical Department of Education.

Five sets of papers, one for each of the main areas of work within this comprehensive Department, are available:

(a)  Education – universal techniques of right development as a whole being.

(b)  Science – revealing the underlying occult structure through scientific fact.

(c)  Philosophy – the spiritual principles and seed ideas which should condition thought and attitudes of the new age.

(d)  Psychology – the constitution of man as a three-fold being, made in the image of God, and the consequent field of his relationships.

(e)  Culture and the Arts – training the creative mind to reflect the beauty and harmony of the universe in daily life.


The student is given the choice of these seven studies as he begins to identify his own field of service, or to help him towards that goal by stimulating his sense of recognition and sensitive response. He may require only one of the seven studies available; or he may need several or all of them before the vision of his discipleship work begins to open up for him.

In addition to the material in the study set, the student is expected to inform himself of current and developing events. Contemporary material, which becomes quickly out of date due to the rapidity of change in these transition years, cannot be included here. This study includes much of the basic teaching contained in the Tibetan’s books. Our task is to understand the teaching, the laws and principles, the values and meanings of the world of causes and, in relating these to current trends and events, begin to vision the future and the immediately possible.

So the mind begins to function as a bridge, a channel of energy communication, between the Plan as it exists in the conscious intent of Hierarchy, and world affairs as they must change and adapt to planetary purpose held “in solution” by Hierarchy. Thus the disciple cooperates in the task of establishing “the thoughtform of solution” and also trains himself for active service in human affairs.

This set of papers presents the basic esoteric teaching in the “Department of Government” and its three main aspects in human affairs—politics, law and economics. It is important to remember, however, that while Hierarchy—and human affairs—functions through three departments, they are nevertheless interdependent and interactive. Education, and educators, are essential to an intelligent understanding ofright governmental processes and to participation in it. So also are the true spiritual values which it is the task of the religious field to inculcate in the people. All aspects of human life interact on one another with either good or bad effects.

The ashrams of Hierarchy are also today fusing and blending their work in a new way and as a basic factor in establishing a synthesis of thought and action in the working out of the Plan on Earth. Each Department of Hierarchy , therefore, while responsible for a major aspect of God’s Plan, includes and is included by all others, “… so strenuous is the work of breaking down national group isolation and separativeness that it takes the united energies of three groups of workers to bring about the desired results. The seven groups of workers are organised, therefore, as follows:

1.   In the department of politics………………………………First, sixth and seventh rays.

2.   In the department of religion ……………………………..Second and fourth rays.

3.   In the department of education…………………………..Third and fifth rays.


Do not forget that, though the work is being carried forward in three fields of human thought and activity, the net result is one directed effort towards the production of synthesis and a great preparatory drive towards a revelation of such wonder that I cannot yet detail it.” (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. I, p. 178) As we seek to develop our techniques of service this factor of synthesis and interaction is an important one, so that our vision is broad and our horizons wide as we concentrate energy in a specific area of accepted responsibility.

The Tibetan tells us: “The servants of the spiritual Hierarchy and the world disciples are found in every nation; they are loyal to that nation’s ideology or political trend of thought or government; the members of the New Group of World Servers embrace every political creed and recognise the authority of every imaginable religion. Men and women of goodwill can be discovered functioning in every group, no matter what its ideology or creed or belief. The Hierarchy does not look for cooperators in any one school of thought, political creed, or national government. It finds them in all and cooperates with all. This I have frequently said, and yet you find it difficult to believe, so convinced are many of you that your peculiar belief and your particular acceptance of truth is the best  undoubtedly and the most true. It may be for you, but not for your brother of another persuasion, nation or religion.

Thus we find, as well you know, members of the New Group of World Servers scattered everywhere. They are the only agents which the Hierarchy chooses to employ at this time and to them is committed the task of doing the following things:

1.   Restoring the world balance through understanding and goodwill.

2.   Bringing harmony and unity among men and nations by the revelation of the widespread goodwill everywhere existent.

3.   Precipitating, through spiritual perception and correct interpretation, thekingdomofGodon Earth.”

A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. II, pp. 739-40


Headquarters Group


Study One: The Use of the Will

Although the following paragraphs from The Rays and the Initiations relate specifically to the third degree initiate, the information given on the use of the different aspects of the will in relation to the three Departments of Hierarchy is of value for all students:

In connection with the use by the initiate of what we might call pure will, it should be remembered that this pure will works into manifestation through one or other of the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad. This activity is determined by the major ray upon which the initiate finds himself, from the angle of his monadic ray. Every spiritual man is upon one or another of the three major rays, for the minor four rays of attribute are all eventually absorbed into the third Ray of Active Intelligence.

If the initiate is upon the first ray, and therefore working in the Department of the Manu, he will use and express the innate will aspect through the atmic nature or through the highest aspect of the Spiritual Triad, to which we give the inadequate name of ‘divine Will’. Students are apt to forget that the Spiritual Triad, related as it is to the Monad in much the same way as the three-fold personality is related to the soul, expresses the three major aspects of Shamballic energy, which three are all of them expressions of the will of the planetary Logos and His essential Purpose. If the initiate is on the second ray, and therefore is working in the Department of the Christ, he will use the will through the medium of buddhi, the second aspect of the Spiritual Triad. If he is on the third ray and in the Department of the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilisation, he will work through the higher mind, the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad. Forget not, however, that none of these aspects can be regarded as higher or lower, for all are equally divine.

Understanding of these ideas may come if, for instance, you realise that the expression of buddhi, or of the intuition, in the consciousness of the spiritual man will lead to the use of the will in working out the purposes of Shamballa in the field of religions, of education, and of salvaging or saving the life aspect in all forms in the three worlds, but it will have no relation to the individual and personal problems of the man himself. If the expression is that of the higher mind, the use of the will will be in connection with civilisations and cultures for which the third department is responsible, and there will be the carrying out of the will of God in the large and general plans. If it is the will as it expresses itself through the atmic aspect of the Triad, it will function in relation to races, nations, and the kingdoms in nature, and to great planetary arrangements at present unknown to man. The synthesis of this picture will be apparent if carefully studied.”

A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. V , pp. 310-11

Study One: Work of Political Servers

Let it not be forgotten that the objective of all true governmental control is right synthesis, leading to right national and interior group activity. The problem resolves itself into a dual one. First of all, we have the problem of the type of authority which should be recognised by the peoples; and secondly, we have the problem of the methods which should be employed, so that the chosen authoritative measures will proceed either by the method of enforced control, or would be of such a nature that they will evoke a generously rendered and recognised co-operation. Between these two ways of working, many changes can be rung, though the system of co-operation, willingly rendered by an intelligent majority, has never yet been seen. But we are moving towards such a condition of world consciousness and are on our way towards experimenting with it.

Let me here briefly indicate to you some of the modes of government which have been tried out, or will be tried out in the future.

1. Government by a recognised Spiritual Hierarchy. This Hierarchy will be related to the masses of the people by a chain of developed men and women who will act as the intermediaries between the ruling spiritual body and a people who are oriented to a world of right values. This form of world control lies indefinitely ahead. When it becomes possible so to govern, the planetary Hierarchy will have made a major Approach to earth, and there will then be thousands of men and women in touch with Their organisation because they will be developed enough to be sensitive to Its thoughts and ideas.

2. Government by an oligarchy of Illumined Minds, recognised as such by the massed thinkers, and therefore chosen by them to rule. This they will do through the education of the thinkers of the race in group ideas and in their right application. The system of education, then prevalent, will be utilised as the medium of reaching the masses and swinging them into line with the major ideas and this will be done not
by force, but through right understanding, through analysis, discussion and experiment. Curiously enough (from the point of view of many) the spiritual Hierarchy will then work largely through the world scientists who, being by that time convinced of the factual reality of the soul and wise in the uses of the forces of the soul and of nature, will constitute a linking body of occultists.

3. Government by a True Democracy. This again will be made possible through a right use of the systems of education and by a steady training of the people to recognise the finer values, the more correct point of view, the higher idealism, and the spirit of synthesis and of co-operative unity. Co-operative unity differs from an enforced unity in that the subjective spirit and the objective form are functioning
towards one recognised end. Today, such a thing as a true democracy is unknown, and the mass of the people in the democratic countries are as much at the mercy of the politicians and of the financial forces as are the people under the rule of dictatorships, enlightened or unenlightened. These latter might be regarded as selfish idealists. But I would have you here note the word “idealist”! When, however, the world has in it more truly awakened people and more thinking men and women, we shall see a purification
of the political field taking place, and a cleansing of our processes of representation instituted, as well as a more exacting accounting required from the people of those whom they have chosen to put in authority. There must eventually be a closer tie-up between the educational system, the legal system and the government, but it will all be directed to an effort to work out the best ideals of the thinkers of the day. This period does not lie so far ahead as you might imagine, particularly, if the first move in this direction is make by the New Group of World Servers.

This first move involves a right comprehension of goodwill. These three systems, which are the three major systems, correspond to the three major rays of synthesis, of idealism, and of intelligence, which are only other names for the rays of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and of Active Intelligence.

4. Government by Dictatorship. This type of government divides itself into three parts:
(a) Rule by a monarchy, limited usually today by the will of the people, or rather by the politicians of the period, but symbolic of the ultimate rule of the Hierarchy under the Kingship of the Lord of the World.

(b) Rule by the leader of some democratic country, who is usually called a president, or by some
statesman (no matter by what name he may choose to be called) who is frequently an idealist, though limited by his faulty human nature, by the period in which he lives, by his advisors, and by the widespread corruption and selfishness. A study of such men who have held office in this capacity, made by a fair-minded neutral, will usually demonstrate the fact that they held office under the influence of some idea, which was in itself intrinsically right (no matter how applied), which was forward-moving in its concept, and belonged to the then new age….

(c) Rule by dictators, whose animating principle is not one of the new age ideals, emerging in their particular time, but an idealism of a more material kind—a generally recognised present idealism. They are not usually reactionary nor are they found among the intuitive workers of their age, but they take what is grounded, settled and easily available—made so by the thinkers of their time—and then give it a material, national and selfish twist and objective, and so force it on the masses by fear, warlike means and material promises. They belong, therefore, more practically to the third ray methods of work, for they are intelligent, expedient, and materially constructive. True idealism, involving as it must the new age patterns, and religious incentives are lacking in their techniques. Nevertheless, they do lead the race on another step, for they have a mass effect in evoking thought, and sometimes eventual resistance, as the result of that thought.

Later we shall study these and other ways of governing, and analyse their ordinary modern expressions and future spiritual correspondences. These will some day appear on earth as a result of the many experiments today going on. Remember this.

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 51-54

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