Service of the Plan – 1 – Work to be Done


If this study is chosen by the student as an addition to the regular degree work in the Arcane School, it is recommended that it should not supersede the degree work to which adequate time must be given. Study of the Hierarchical Departments and fields of service for the disciple is a continuing one; it is one that will build over a period of time to reveal the reality of the work to be done and equip the server to work.

It is therefore recommended that the student give whatever time he can to the study itself and to ways and means of familiarising himself with the contemporary scene. There is no limit set on sources of study. In addition to this set of papers and the book references already given, which could profitably be explored, the books themselves contain more valuable teaching, and books by other authors should also be investigated.

The daily fifteen minutes of reflective meditation recommended to the student should not substitute for the regular degree meditation. It can be fitted in at another time, and would be particularly appropriate at the close of a period of study of the Department of Government.

No written work is expected from the student. It is suggested, however, that each student builds up his own framework of reference by noting all relevant and significant material that comes his way which enlightens the mind and expands his thinking.

All new ideas and thoughts resulting from the meditation should also be noted down and developed in further reflection—or discarded as irrelevant.

Although at this stage no reporting or written work is expected, the headquarters group welcomes any thought, comments, ideas or questions you may wish to send in with your regular monthly meditation report. We want to know how you are progressing, what values the study has for you and to what extent you are able to relate the basic teaching to things as they are in the field of government and to what they should be in the future. Some direct experience “in the field” itself, giving actual and factual knowledge, would obviously be invaluable. A sharing of thought and energy is stimulative and evocative. Your experience can be helpful to others.  

We are ready also to offer help, suggestions or advice. This is a group effort to co-operate more consciously and usefully in externalising hierarchical methods of work and in linking inner cause to outer effect. 

It may be helpful for the student to organise his thoughts around certain key questions.  

1. What appears to be the next immediate development in international relationships at the governmental level? What should emerge out of an increased relationship and co-operation between the nations of the world? What should this new relationship then lead to?  

2. What should be the next step ahead for the evolution of government and the administration of Law and Economics, (a) nationally and (b) in your own environment?  

3. What form of practical co-operation can be provided by the average citizen of any country and also by the practising disciple?

These questions could form the basis of a written paper as a means of sharing ideas resulting from the study and meditation work.

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