What about Unconditional Love?

I have started out with some challenges writing this with my keyboard but since it has started working I’ll assume it is OK to continue.

I have heard many people over the years say that they Love Unconditionally, but I wonder if they have really considered what that means. Today the ideas about Love have been so diluted and romanticized that it never reaches a potent state of being which prevents humanity from ever receiving it’s true benefits.

First of all, being in a true state of Love is realizing the Oneness and Unity of “All That Is” as well as the “Particular.” Nothing is required of the All or the particular (thing, idea, person) for your Love. By its very nature Love is always unconditional, but is that what each of us experiences when we say “We Love?”

Usually in our early experience of love, we receive some benefit or pleasure from the object of our love. The joy that we sense makes this experience desirable and the object of our love must sustain that effect to maintain our love. The object of our love has now become a prisoner (if animate,) destined to supply us with joy or go, unloved.

As we mature our requirements change but never really go away, and so for us love is always tied to some condition, unless, we consciously work on eliminating the “I love because of, this or that” which emanates outside of ourselves.

Even though we may intellectually grasp the idea and consciously believe we have overcome this conditionality, if there is a lack of joy, then subconsciously some requirement still exist.

I suspect that when we achieve this state of “Unconditional Love” we will also experience “The Joy that passeth All Understanding.”

I Am Love, grounded in Mother Earth

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